Sterling Pool Finishes utilizes ResoCoat; a thermal polymeric coating manufactured by Resodyn. Formulated for use by NASA, the applied polymer creates a strong, durable finish, free of the problems which plague other pool finishes. 

ResoCoat polymer pool finishes are the solution to many of the problems that are experienced with Plaster pool finishes. Plaster pool finishes are permanently damaged if the plaster is not mixed properly, if the water balance is not maintained, if start up procedures are not followed, If the fill water is bad or if poor troweling techniques are used. ResoCoat polymer pool finishes are not affected by any of these circumstances. In fact ResoCoat Polymer pool finishes have been lab tested for three years and counting under extreme conditions. Extreme levels of chlorine, PH, salt, and UV have had no effect on the pool finish. In addition because ResoCoat Polymer pool finish completely seals the pool no calcium leaching can occur. Perhaps the biggest advantage of ResoCoat pool finishes is the ease of maintanance and the reduction of chemicals needed to balance the pool.

Resocoat is so stong, we back it with a 10 year warranty.

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