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Sterling Pool Finishes provides swimming pool leak detection and repair services in Central and Southern NH. Sterling is conveniently located in Londonderry NH, to serve all of your swimming pool needs.

Swimming pool leak detection, repairs, and solutions can be challenging to a pool owner. Swimming pool leak detection is a systematic process starting with the clear identification of the pool leak symptoms to the exact location of the crack, hole or tear. As pool leak detection professionals serving NH we have sophisticated electronic equipment that allows this process to be performed in a relatively short time. As a pool owner you can perform a few tests to verify that the water loss is in fact a leak and not evaporation. A good place to start the swimming pool leak detection process is the"Bucket Test"

An unrepaired hole the size of a pencil tip can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost per day. In addition to the replacement cost of the water, pool leaks will increase chemical demands, and may lead to more serious structural damage. Whether the pool leak is in your plumbing or liner, Sterling Pool Finishes can detect and repair the leak, in many cases less than a day.

At Sterling we know that NH offers youmany choices when deciding on a company to provide swimming pool leak detection services. We strive to not only earn your business but to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for considering Sterling Pool Finishes for your NH swimming pool needs

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