1.  Remove pool cover and place in bag for storage.
  2.  Removing all winter plugs and install wall fittings
  3.  Reinstall all handrails and ladders.
  4.  Install all baskets, clean skimmers and skimmer lids.
  5.  Install all plugs back into pump, filter, heater, etc.
  6.  Prime and start all pumps, filter, and heaters
  7.  Check pool equipment to make sure that there are no leaks and the
  8.  systems will operate properly after pool opening.
  9.  Shock Chlorine pools
  10.  Test water chemistry and adjust accordingly with your chemicals


  1.  Lower Water Level.
  2.  Blow out all plumbing lines free of water and put antifreeze in skimmers.
  3.  Complete winterization of pump and filter equipment.
  4.  Install customer's winter plugs.
  5.  Add winter chemicals.
  6.  Adjust water chemistry using customer's chemicals (we have chemicals
  7.  for purchase if needed).
  8.  Removal of minor leaves and debris.
  9.  Installation of your winter cover.